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About Us

E.vogue & E.exchange

The local famous e. VOGUE & e.exchange has started its enrollment, welcome those interested students to join us – the champion in asia.

The college was established ten years ago and three of the internationally well known students were graduated here. Not only that the students had won a lot of prizes all over the world, they were the Asia Champion as well.

Our college won the Champion of 2006/07 Shiseido Professional Competition in Asia region by Terry Chia. Together with the teaching our two principals, Elvin Soh and Eric Koh, there is high chances that our students might become a tomorrow star.

The course that we are going to held are as following: Full course of make-up class, bridal make-up class, professional make-up class, personal make-up class, 1 month high class hair creativity designing  class, 3 months hair designing techniques training and 7 months hair designing full course etc.

Students enrolled in the above classes are presented a full set of hair styling and cosmetic equipments. In addition, free gifts such as a pair of branded scissors and thinner knife are presented to the enrolled students at the value of RM300.

Our college is also honored as the training center by the MLVK, England City & Guilds International Hair Designing and Make-up Techniques Training.

England London Hair Designing and Make-up course was recognized internationally by the international employer because of their advanced quality, rich teaching contents and high reputation.

You can now enroll in e. vogue. E. exchange to complete the courses recognized by the City & Guilds. Please start your enrollment with us today.


Interested personnel can visit our college at Address:lot 5.08,Level 5,Plaza Pelangi, Jln Kuning,Taman Pelangi,80400 Johor Bahru, or call us at 07-3312588.

About Elvin Soh

about02Elvin Soh had come across some hardships during his adolescence. He started to think about his future after graduated from secondary five but he had no idea about his future career. His mum once told him “I can provide you food and lodging but I can’t afford any of your tuition fees”. His mum then handed him $1000 and that’s all she was able to sponsor him as the expenses of his further studies.

He then saw a recruiting hairstylist apprentice advertisement on the newspaper and the apprenticeship required $1000. Without thinking much, he decided to take his first step by taking full $1000 given by his mum and enrolled in the saloon training program.

Being an art talented boy, he was the president of the art society in his secondary school. Also because of his artistic talent, he started up from the basics and was able to learn all the hair dressing skills in 6 months time. He then became one of the instructors in his saloon college in such a short period of time.

Upon graduation, Elvin become the instructor of the college”, he feels really grateful of the teaching of his boss. From the basics to the fancy skills, his boss guided him patiently and trained him to become an outstanding student. Because of the distinctive guidance of his boss, Elvin had strengthened his foundation of today’s success.

Without her, there is no Elvin Soh”. He worked in a company as an instructor for 7 to 8 years and the company had expanded to seven or eight franchises in this period of time. Due to some personal reasons, he resigned and left.

Again departed, from the zero starting point……..

Elvin Soh was 27 years old when he left his first company. After his resignation, he was introduced by his old boss to another company, Pivot Point. He worked as a beginner but performed well at his work. He again because of some personal reason, he decided to leave Johor Bahru and went to Penang to start up his new life.

However, he changed his mind and returned to Johor Bahru, his starting point a year later.

E.Vogue was born, creating its own fashion……

Elvin’s eminence art skill was already appreciated when he was in “Pivot Point” by the branded Japanese company, Shiseido and was invited to become their creativity majordomo at the age of 27. It has been over ten years since then. He is now the regional creativity instructor of Shiseido Professional

and is invited to Japan for training every 6 months to update the latest fashion trend as well as techniques.

After coming back to Johor Bahru, Elvin was determined to start up his own business. His first saloon was located at Pacific Mall and was named E. Vogue. “ E” stands for his name, Elvin and “Vogue” means fashion. The name has a hinted meaning of “My fashion”. He hopes that he could create his own fashion without following any of the trends.

He continued to work together with Shiseido Professional and started to hold make-up lesson for his students. The quantity of his students grew rapidly so he opened up the first make-up college.

He later on moved both his saloon and make-up college to Plaza Pelangi and hold a partnership with Eric Koh. He described Eric Koh as his mirror, reflecting his own image. Eric was his most outstanding student. He compliments Eric for his in-born artistic talent, saying that he was exactly like himself who not only is a fast learner but also someone possessing variability and flexibility. That’s the reason why he invited Eric as his partner to build up “E. Vogue & E. Exchange” Saloon Make-up College.

The first letter of their name starts with E, so both the E of E. Vogue & E. Exchange represents the partnership of the two persons (Elvin and Eric) where else Exchange stands for the exchange of their ideas and skills.

Elvin and Eric work together perfectly. Their company is growing and is ranked as the first three largest saloon and make-up college in the country. Their student comprises both local and foreign folks, which includes Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. Among all, their college has most Singaporeans.

The perfect combination of interest and career………

I love my job”. Elvin Soh is continuously as passionate towards his career. He treated himself as a new trainer, like a sponge absorbing new nutrients, stronger his professional knowledge. To him, the key to success is to maintain his interest and passion.

He thinks that he is a very lucky person because he owns a very good combination of his career and interest.

Everybody owns a light circle on his head, as time passes, the light circle would become dimmer or disappear eventually; however, I keep polishing my circle and make sure that the circle is always shining.”

A Leo man owning the classic Leo’s characteristic: pursuing perfectionism. Because of all his characteristics, he achieves his success.

To all of the youngsters who have the determination to pursue their career in this area, his advice to them is: don’t forget the light circle on your head, don’t be over confidence about yourself because learning is an unfinished process.

Pursuing the satisfaction on the stage……

Elvin Soh loves stage performances. Because of his passion towards beauty, his works always stand out in the fashion show and also in the competition.

Instead of asking the camera man to hold the camera while taking the model’s picture, Elvin insists holding it himself. He will check every of the shot to make sure that he is satisfied with the pictures.He feels himself lucky since he has the chance to combine his interest together with his career from hairstyle, make up and the art of flower arrangement.

He holds seminar all over the countries in Asia, this brings him a lot of satisfactions.  The seminars in Taiwan and Singapore achieve success by having the compliments from the other professionals; this becomes his motivation to go further in his career.

Elvin Soh is now the only Malaysian hair designer of the Shiseido Professional in the Asian region.

A big family……

If you judge from his appearance, you might think Elvin as a stern and proud person; however, if you are familiar with him, you will know that he owns a friendly and honest characteristic.

To him, a successful saloon requires a homely feeling; therefore, instead of going to the restaurant during the annual dinner, he decides to be the chef and cook for everyone in his saloon. He wants his students and worker to feel warm working in such environment.

In addition, he will offer his followers to go on a vacation or buy them some gifts during the special season for example Chinese New Year. Also, he will definitely reward those workers who work hard and perform well.

Many of the workers are from out-of-state, I understand that they might face the problem of getting home sick, especially during the seasonal holiday. So I want to create a warm and homely environment to decrease their home sickness. Everyone will be able to get their job done well when they feel themselves home at work.

About Eric

Eric bio: Principal of e.ex hair salon & academy Sdn Bhd

1994 year graduated at Pivot Point Malaysia hair academy. On the same year, he won the Singapore Golden Scissors Award and the Best Bridal Hairstyle Champion.After graduated from the academy, he be invited to become instructor in Pivot Point Malaysia.

On the year 2000, he was won Loreal Colour Trophy as the second runner up winner as well as other accolades such as : two times Champion of Shiseido Beauty Festival of the year 2000/01and 2001/02, Top 5 of Shiseido Beauty Festival "The Next Cup" of the year 2005, and also won three times Champion in three category of Hair Malaysia Competition such as "Senior Gents Combination Test Champion","Senior Ladies Combination Test Champion","Senior Test - Overall Champion" and "Senior Individual Test - first runner up".

On the year 1999, to let more student get hold of actual and practical hairdressing techniques, Eric was heading up the development of e.exchange Hair Salon Academy with his partner Elvin Soh. It have been 12 years untill nowadays, e.ex Hair Salon & Academy Sdn Bhd have been training lot of student become Rising Star as well as not only the student had won a lot of prizes all over the world, they were the Asia Champion too.Nowadays, Eric was travelling across the globe to expedition and sharing ideas with Elvin on every year.